San Blas Homeschool Enrichment

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Thank you for filling out our survey. We are trying to accommodate as many local families as possible. Because we are just starting out and are self-funding anything we offer, we are limited to the number of children as well as the time we have to offer homeschool support in San Blas.

We will be teaching out of our home for a limited number of hours to begin with, focusing on reading, writing, cursive, and literature. We will be offering some online courses as well, including individual tutoring and small group classes in the aforementioned subjects. Online classes will also include art history/appreciation and Western Civilization.

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The in-person classes will be in San Blas, La Libertad. Will you be able to drop and pick up your kids as needed?
What are you looking for in a local homeschool enrichment program?
What type of classes are you looking for?
If classes are offered two days a week, which would you prefer?
If you have more than one child, would you be alright with different times for the different ages?