In-person Homeschooling Enrichment Tutoring and Support
Playa San Blas, La Libertad, El Salvador

Lyceum Homeschool Enrichment Program taught by Dr. Deanna Heikkinen and Joel Marquez.
We offer English language curriculum that focuses on the humanities for children ages 8-16.

Are you homeschooling in El Salvador and need additional help teaching your kids in cursive, reading or writing? Would you like your middle or high schooler learn history, economics, literature, or art appreciation/history? We offer English speaking one-on-one tutoring and small group classes for families. We are located in Playa San Blas, La Libertad, El Salvador. If you are not in the area, we also have online courses. 

If you have a group of students around the same reading level, let us know! We can design a classics or Great Books based curriculum to fit your needs! 

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Subjects Include


We understand the importance of cultivating the habit of reading in students. It is not just a skill that supports effective learning but one that will benefit them throughout their lives. To encourage our students, we have picked out readings assigned by age groups, which will help them develop critical analysis abilities and engage in meaningful discussion. These readings will enable students to broaden their horizons and expand their understanding of different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Moreover, as part of our commitment to promoting daily reading habits, we offer 30-minute silent reading sessions every day. During these sessions, students have the freedom to pick out their preferred classic book or story to read.


Effective communication through writing is a crucial element of learning that fosters thinking skills in students. Our program offers comprehensive instruction in English grammar, writing, and daily targeted writing prompts designed to enhance the students’ writing aptitude. We regularly review and provide valuable feedback on formal writing assignments. With regular practice, students will consistently develop and improve their writing abilities. We firmly believe that this approach will enable students to communicate their ideas effectively and confidently throughout their lives.


We believe that learning the art of cursive writing is an important skill and we ensure that all students have the opportunity to master it. Studies have shown a link between motor skills learned in cursive writing and improved cognitive abilities. Our approach includes both formal cursive instruction and ample time for students to practice on their own. We are dedicated to providing regular feedback to students, helping them refine their technique and develop their own unique writing style. By learning to write in cursive, students will not only enhance their handwriting skills but also improve their cognitive abilities and boost their self-confidence.

Western Civilization and History of Europe

Our curriculum consists of a thorough study of Western Civilization, highlighting its vast contributions to literature, technology, art, and scientific discoveries spanning over 4,000 years. Our students will be equipped with the knowledge of how the history of Western Civilization has impacted and interacted with other cultures throughout the course of time. Our teachings are age-appropriate and will cover significant events and developments from the prehistoric period of the West up to the 20th century. We are committed to providing our students with a humanities education, giving them a well-rounded understanding of the complex historical developments of Western Civilization. 

El Salvador and Central American History

In order to fully immerse ourselves in the culture of El Salvador as expats, it is essential to educate ourselves in the local history. The study of the prehistory of the region will provide valuable insights and deepen our appreciation for our new home. With this in mind, we have incorporated the teachings of local history into the curriculum for all students. Additionally, we will periodically offer optional field trips to explore significant sites, including Mayan ruins and other points of interest. By embracing and learning about the history of El Salvador, we hope to foster a deeper understanding and respect for this beautiful country and its people.

Art and Music

We integrate art and music appreciation into our weekly lessons because it allows students to better understand the cultures in which they were created. We believe that immersion into this world has practical relevance, it allows students to connect and know a society in a meaningful way.  Our curriculum is designed to not only help students understand the timeless masterpieces of Western art, they also learn to create reproductions using similar techniques to deepen their appreciation. Additionally, we expose our students to different genres of music, ranging from classical to jazz, allowing them to grasp the fundamentals of music that include melody, harmony, and rhythm. 

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