Reading Courses

Our reading courses teach students how to more fully engage with the text, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Reading for Elementary School

This course is designed with young readers in mind, and it aims to enhance their existing reading skills and comprehension capabilities. The class uses several approaches to teach reading, including reading aloud exercises. By reading aloud, students will be encouraged to pay closer attention to the material than they would if they were reading it to themselves. Additionally, the program will teach students how to identify and handle unfamiliar words, which is a crucial part of improving reading comprehension and vocabulary. Not only will students will learn how to look up definitions, they will start using context clues to decipher meanings as well. Through course discussions and modeling, students learn to read with curiosity and an open mind, which will help them form a deep understanding of both fiction and non-fiction works and develop a better appreciation for reading. This course is designed for readers from second through fifth grades.

8 week course (Grades 2/3 and 4/5)

Reading for Engagement

As students progress to middle school and into high school, their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities develop further, and their reading material becomes more challenging. This course aims to facilitate the transition from simply learning facts and concepts to comprehending ideas presented in texts. By implementing a range of fiction and non-fiction readings, students will learn to engage with these texts on a deeper, metacognitive level and improve their overall reading comprehension skills. The course offers various reading methods that were developed for this age group, such as reading aloud with a partner, taking notes, looking up unfamiliar words, and writing down questions. Along with enhancing reading ability, students will explore literature through a critical lens and learn about themes, plot, mood, tone, metaphor, and other literary techniques. This course is suitable for avid readers as it is specifically designed to help students learn the skills they need for reading and learning in school.

8 week course (Grades 6-8 and 9-10)

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Course Size

Reading for Elementary

8-week course

Reading for Engagement

8-week course




2-3 Students



4-6 Students