Homeschool Support

Helping parents learn to homeschool and network with other Bitcoin homeschool parents around the globe.

Twitter Spaces

How to Get Started Homeschooling

Join us for an informative meetup on Twitter spaces. We will talk about how to get started with homeschooling and learn about the intersection of Bitcoin and homeschooling. Our founder, Deanna Heikkinen, will guide you through the basics of homeschooling and address common concerns, such as legal requirements and curriculum options. We will also explore how Bitcoin aligns with a homeschooling lifestyle and can be used as a tool for financial education and independence. This meetup is perfect for anyone considering homeschooling into their family’s financial journey. Register now and discover the possibilities!

Bitcoin Homeschool Parent Meetup

Interested in homeschooling and Bitcoin? Join our homeschool parent meetup group for Bitcoin parents! We believe that homeschooling and Bitcoin share similar values of decentralization, freedom, and individual responsibility. Our group provides a supportive community for parents who use Bitcoin, want to learn more about Bitcoin, or offer insights how to incorporate it into their homeschooling curriculum. Through discussions, workshops and activities, we explore various topics related to Bitcoin and homeschooling, and share resources and experiences. Whether you are a seasoned Bitcoin user or just starting out, our group is welcoming. Come join us and connect with other homeschooling parents who share your passion for Bitcoin!

Homeschool Consultation

Do you have specific questions or want a quick chat with our founder, Deanna? Sign up for a quick consult.

Bitcoin and History of Money Online Courses for
Middle and High School

Coming this summer!