Art History

Our art history classes include two levels of art appreciation, elementary and middle school. Our comprehensive scope of high school 4-week art history courses cover ancient art through the mid-20th century as well as architectural history.


Our humanities courses incorporate primary source texts to allow high school students the opportunity to learn economics, philosophy, history, cultural anthropology, and archaeology without the influence of postmodern philosophy.


Based on classic literature, each of our literautre courses include contextual and thematic readings to provide students a comprehensive understanding of the writing. Grades 2-12.


Designed for elementary through middle school aged students, our reading classes focus on teaching students positive reading habits such as pausing to look up unfamiliar words and how to read for better comprehension.


Our suite of writing courses include essay writing, research, literary analysis, and creative writing for students grades 2-12. In addition, we teach grammar and cursive to elementary and middle school aged children.