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Lyceum Tutoring was founded by husband and wife team, Deanna Heikkinen, a former college professor turned homeschool teacher and advocate and Joel Marquez, a writer with a background in humanities and technology.

Deanna Heikkinen

After teaching community college for over ten years, Dr. Heikkinen decided to leave academia to pursue a new path of working as a private tutor and to develop an online enrichment co-op using curriculum she developed steeped in the greatness of Western Civilization. Not only has this path been rewarding to her, she has found that homeschool students are better prepared for learning, have more curiosity, and are truly engaged with their education. This realization has led her to also become a homeschool advocate where she offers free online webinars to help parents make the transition to homeschooling their children.

Deanna is an experienced educator who teaches a range of subjects to all ages. My classes in humanities, anthropology, and history at the college level, and writing and executive function skills for elementary, middle, and high school students, help to cultivate ideas effectively. Supplementary to this, she has extensive experience teaching art and history to young learners by engaging with interactive lessons. Her teaching uses primary sources and classics from Western Civilization, drawing on years of reading and studying these amazing writings. Ultimately, she aims to help students develop better thinking and writing skills and the confidence they need to succeed in academic life as well as outside of it.

Joel Marquez

Joel Marquez has a degree in humanities where he has developed a deep understanding of storytelling and the human experience, which he put to use in his writing. After graduating from film school, he worked on small budget films. He has also written scripts and treatments for small projects.

Joel has also worked in technology where he helped people in the building industry transition from paper to technology on the job site. With his tech-savvy mind and his excellent teaching skills, he was become a valuable asset to many businesses looking to modernize their workflow. Through it all, Joel has remained committed to his writing, continuing to create powerful stories that connect with audiences on a deep, emotional level.

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