On-demand Enrichment Courses

Where Curiosity Lives

Classical humanities courses for Bitcoin families

On-demand Enrichment Courses

Where Curiosity Lives

Classical humanities courses for Bitcoin families

Online Courses

We offer on-demand online reading, writing, and enrichment courses to help Bitcoin families around the globe homeschool their children.

Homeschooling Support

We offer webinars on how to get started homeschooling as well as online and in-person meetups for homeschooling parents.

In-Person Classes

If you live in El Salvador, we offer small, in-person classes in the Bitcoin Beach area. We also have meetups for families and a book club for teens.

Writing: The Foundation of Thinking

     Writing is a fundamental skill required for higher level thinking. It allows students to formulate their own ideas, make arguments, and communicate on a higher level. 
     With a proper introduction to the rules of grammar and syntax, students in the primary grades learn the mechanics of writing through repetitive exercises that build upon one another. When they reach the next phase of learning at around 10 or 11 years old, their intellectual development supports more complex writing skills. 
     These include writing longer works that promote their understanding of what they are learning. Finally, in the high school years, the writing transforms into more complex argument, analysis, or research based works. 

Our specialized writing courses are offered in small groups or privately.

Featured Courses

In this 8-week intensive writing class, students will learn the skills needed to write a the standard five paragraph essay.  This course uses the five paragraph essay as a way to teach students both form and variations in writing essays. Lessons on prewriting, writing a thesis statement, different approaches to the introduction and conclusion, how to cite sources properly, proofreading, and revising are included. This writing course is suitable for middle and high school students.

Pricing starts at $150/8 week course

Our upper elementary and middle school reading course taught by certified Reading Apprenticeship teacher, Deanna Heikkinen, focuses on improving reasoning, problem-solving, and reading comprehension skills. The course teaches techniques such as looking up unknown words, how to take notes, and how to read more deeply in a text to help students engage with challenging texts and integrate ideas learned through reading. It is valuable for all readers, whether for school or pleasure.

Pricing starts at $125/8 week course

Part of our Literature Plus approach, this course focuses on two dystopian novels, Anthem by Ayn Rand and 1984 by George Orwell. Students will have an opportunity to read the novels alongside a customized reading about the early 20th century to provide context while discussing themes such as the individual vs. collectivism and safety vs. freedom. In addition to reading, students will have an opportunity to write an essay on the novels and complete other engaging assignments.

Pricing starts at $85/8 week course

What makes us different

Classical Approach
Our classes are based on the classical approach to education. Dating back to the Roman era, this style of education acknowledges the natural developmental stages of children into their teens. Broken down into three levels, grammar (elementary), rhetoric (middle school), and logos (high school), each level relates to a child's cognitive ability.
Primary Sources
All of our classes use primary sources (original sources or translations of original sources). By using primary sources, students become comfortable with reading various types of works, they learn how to use images and maps as resources, and perhaps most importantly, it teaches students that going to the primary, rather than secondary source, allows them to see the original intent of the writer.
Small Class Sizes
Many of our classes are online, allowing students the flexibility to take them from home. We offer several types of classes, including group classes with 4-6 students depending on the subject and age, small group classes with no more than 3 students, and private classes for individual students. We also offer drop-in writing tutoring where students in middle and high school can book a 30 minute session to go over a specific assignment.
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